Purveyors of Entrancing World Pop

Genre: Alternative, Electronica/Dance, Pop

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Contact: Pete Code at (615) 732-5580


TranceVision was founded in 1998 in Tesuque, NM by Pete Code (producer/songwriter/musician) and Greta Rose (lead vocals/percussion). Greg Kaiser joined the band as the keyboardist in 1999. The band is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of contemporary and ancient music without concern for trends. TranceVision's latest CD Lemuria has a variety of musical styles ranging from entrancing World Pop to Chill Out to Ambient to Euro Techno. Some tracks on Lemuria contain special contributions by Tim Reynolds - rhythm & lead guitar on Atom & Enertia, Kip Winger - bass on Lemuria and Jono Manson - backing vocals on Phantom.
Greta Rose: As an accomplished vocalist, Greta has contributed an important part to the sound of TranceVision. Her experience in many different genres of music has shaped and formed her voice to step up to the occasion. As a little girl, Greta used to sing in a wordless manner and she called this type of singing "Mulu". Turns out that "Mulu" also happens to be a gorgeous place in Malaysia and even has its own rainforest.
Pete Code: Pete plays keyboards, guitar, djembe, percussion, background vocals in TranceVision and is the all-around egomaniac in the studio in charge of engineering, producing & marketing the Vision. He believes that Music's original purpose was to simply be heard and appreciated: " E X P E R I M E N T A T I O N   I S   L A W ! "
Greg Kaiser: Greg plays keyboards, keyboard bass in TranceVision and contributes to the compositions, arrangements and mixing of the songs. He has been playing with a wide variety of bands and artists in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area. 

Additional bands and projects include his participation in popular bands like Mystic Vision, Reverend Karol King Kong, Frank Leto, Inner Force, Inka Inka, Dub Lab, Dub Nation, Tony Culture, King Shark and JADE.