Teri Lynn Browning

Pop with passion

Genre: Pop

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Contact: Teri Lynn Browning at 903 340 2763


Teri seizes the audience with her "no holds barred" pop style. Her

original songs are full of hooks and soul and her lyrics denote

vulnerability, strength and great determination. Her songs combine

dance, rock, trip hop and soul delivering a collage of danceable,

listenable, and memorable music. This is a singer-songwriter who

uplifts and connects with her audience.


Teri has performed in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and

Santa Fe. She has collaborated with major recording stars such as

Chrissy Amplett of The Divinyl's, John Roome of the Orb, and DJ Todd

Terry. Her gospel-influenced vocals, her ear for phrasing and harmony

made her a much sought after session singer in New York and a prized

live vocalist in the Southwest.


Teri grew up in Oklahoma and was awarded a vocal scholarship to

Oklahoma State University where she focused on Medieval and Baroque

music. In 1998 she produced the single "Feel Your Power," with DJ Oji,

and moved to New York City where she wrote and recorded with dance

music producers. She began composing songs with more depth and emotion

and her sound continues to evolve.


Her most recent recording project is "Heart" was released in August

2010. The album is a powerful exploration of emotion and spirituality.

Teri's musical influences are vast including such artists as Kate

Bush, Nina Simone, David Bowie, Annie Lennox and the soul of Aretha