Afro•Gypsy•Fusion Dance Band

Genre: Other, World/Reggae

Website Email: artyprojects@cybermesa.com

Contact: Sally Blakemore at 505-473 3008


ShonaSlovakia was organized by two rouge marimba players in 2009. They loved the polyrhythmic Shona music from Zimbabwe and wanted to expand into all the world's music in an improvised fusion. By adding players and bringing in the music they have all written and played, the "unique" sound of the group was formed, organically. The result is a diverse and driving, joyous, high energy dance band. Perfect for celebrations, family events and dances! Comments from our performances: "One of the best new Santa Fe bands 2011!" Randy Forrester, GOTTA DANCE, KSFR… "Superb entertainment"… "Contagious!"… "Absolutely joyous music!"… "The most fun band in Santa Fe!"…"Bad Ass!"

ShonaSlovakia is live music! We play full speed ahead with lovely and raw communication within the band and with our audiences.
"...Experience ShonaSlovakia and you will never be the same!"—Barbara Mayfield, comedienne and actress in Santa Fe

Sally Blakemore, African marimba, accordion, steel drums, bongos and melodica, Rusty Storbeck, African marimba and hosho, Nicolas Gadbois, lead guitar and vocals, Dave Smith, bass guitar, tuba and harmony vocals and Gerald Rodriguez, trapset, percussion and vocals. Sets include African (Shona, Botswana), Ranchera, Latin, Balkan, Ska, Reggae, Rock & Roll, R&B, Gypsy and Jazz.

ShonaSlovakia has performed on the Fiesta Stage on the Plaza, Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe Brewing Company, Lady of the Guadalupe Festival, Matanzas and Judy Henry's Music Under the Mesa Series, Cleveland Mill Festival, gallery openings, Albuquerque Folk Festival June 18, 2011, Jane Davis's Hope-Howse Prison Concerts and this year… Zozobra, Sept. 8, 2011!
ShonaSlovakia is also scheduled to play in Ojinaga, Chihuahua for a community festival July 16, 2011.