Instrumental Folk Guitarist, Songwriter

Sandy Hoffman

Genre: Folk

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Contact: VJ Sandoval at (505) 471-0959


Sandy's latest CD, an instrumental acoustic guitar recording entitled “Sereno,” reflects his lifelong love of playing and composing: "Sereno is a truly sweet and engaging record . . . ! What strikes me most about [it] is the fact that the songs you write are just that- songs- with accessible song structure and clear, definable, hummable melodies. . . rooted in the voice and not invented on a fretboard - and I can tell that you intuitively understand this as well..."

Sandy fell in love with playing guitar at age 7, and began his professional music career in 1974 as guitarist for the first touring cast of the off-Broadway hit musical, “Godspell.” He has since played in and directed hundreds of live performances of favorite musicals including the folk/bluegrass operetta, “Pump Boys and Dinettes.” As a private instructor on guitar, bass and cello, Sandy spent 12 years, from 1978 to 1990, honing his music-communication skills.

Sandy teaches others to enjoy the wonderful diversity and complexity of six simple strings in various locations in the U.S., as well as international destinations such as Singapore, Budapest, India, Amsterdam and Fiji. His desire is to play skillfully, expressing the depth and range of human experience and relationship, both horizontal and vertical, through instrumental music. When Sandy is not teaching or writing, you can just about ALWAYS find him with a guitar in his hands!

“Sandy’s musical style may well be described as easy going, uplifting, inspirational, and in ways meditative. That won't stop you from tapping your toes in time with his intuitive rhythms. His impeccable precision and skill in guitar finger style playing is readily apparent; and the composition of his songs clearly demonstrates careful, thoughtful hand crafted artistry. Sandy's latest CD, Sereno, is an instrumental collection of songs inspired by his worldwide travels, but rooted in thoughts of his home in Santa Fe.” Mike Engledinger, Mike’s Music Exchange/Santa Fe Performance Exchange, Santa Fe [Eldorado], NM.


All photos by: Bjarni Thor Haraldsson, BINARY STUDIOS, LLC