Mister Kali



Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1979, he discovered his musical talents at an early age. While still only in his teens he played guitar in many local bands of various styles and genres. However, in 1997 when he first sighted Haile I Selassie I, H.I.M, his musical as well as spiritual journey into REGGAE music began. In 2007 his "Shake Weh Yuh Have" & "Weed Fi Smoke Up Now" entered a number of international reggae charts; namely the 3 & 20 spots on the October 2007 Kenyan Reggae Charts, put together by METRO 101.9 fm in Nairobi.

As a live performer, he is a force to be reckoned. Normally accompanied by his longtime spar Sgt. Remo, they deliver a fyah blazing live set. Kali and Remo were blessed in March 2008 to accompany legendary performer the Original General Smiley on a Southwestern tour and again alongside General Smiley and Ken Serious in October. The year 2009 brought forth a New Mexico Music Awards nomination for Best Rap Song for the collaboration with Santa Fe hip-hop artist Circumference for the song "Do What I Does" available on Circumference's sophmore album Resolutionary.

Mister Kali has also appeared in Los Angeles, CA, opened the main stage of the 1st Annual Santa Fe Muzik Fest in August 2007, at the One Love Music Fest in Tulsa,OK 2008 as well as an appearance alongside Bass Odyssey with Charly Blacks and NY artists Zebulun,Chappa Jan, Slick and others at Chef's Orchid in Queens, NY.

In November 2010 Mister Kali released his debut album STEP FAST on his own label Dread I Arts in association with Ceremony Studios. Jah Yutes Entertainment released a compilation with new Mr. Kali music as well as his own production on various other tunes called REGGAE SOULJAHS WORLDWIDE Vol.1 and also promoted a US tour in the summer of 2011featuring Kali, General Smiley, Ken Serious and Sgt Remo.

In addition to his own music, Mr. Kali is part of the Santa Fe based BoomRoots Collective, a progressive reggae and hip-hop band that also features Circumference 360 and AezRock.

Mr. Kali continues to bring his brand of reggae music to the masses, currently working on producing a handful of riddim releases featuring many regional artists, producing a new full length release for General Smiley as well as two new Mr. Kali projects in the works hopefully to be released late summer 2012.