Melissa Coffey

Melissa’s expressive vocals envelope lyric and melody alike, with a sincerity and warmth that hold the listener to the song.

Genre: Country

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Entertaining is part of her soul…the granddaughter of a vaudevillian with performers like Red Skeleton, Frankie Lang, and Betty White, she was born a singer. “I love to sing heartfelt songs,” Melissa said, who’s musical influences would be her Grandparents, Patsy Cline, Martina McBride, Allison Krauss, and Julie Andrews to name a few.

Her earliest memories begin in South Florida with her grandparents. She started with musical theater with her earliest performance as “Annie” in numerous talent shows. She enrolled in dance classes as early as 4 years old and was singing and dancing and performing musical theater for her family, local dinner theaters and talent shows. As early as seven years old she would write programs and choreograph theatrical skits and musical duets with her younger sister.

Growing up with a single mother in a rural community in Virginia gave her strength and taught her to enjoy the simple things in life. Those years of early struggle would carve a place in Melissa’s personality…a place of compassion and understanding for the ordinary American working to fulfill a dream or raise a family.

When it came time for college she found herself in the heart of country music in Mississippi. She spent her free time on the college dance team which led her to return home to Virginia to become an NFL cheerleader for the Washington Redskins.

In 2004 she would begin her country music journey where she recorded with Mark Oliverous Productions. Mark Oliverious is the Music Director for Lorrie Morgan. Her recordings were played in several radio venues throughout the country and recently were showcased at the Santa Claran Casino with the New Mexico Music Commission, Hutton Broadcasting, and Outlaw Country Radio 107.5 FM in 2010. This summer Melissa Coffey would like to start on a new recording project and play at local fairs and festivals.

Spending time with Melissa is to understand she has an inner light and energy that permeates her singing. Her voice is warm, soft and sincere, with lyrics that speak about the struggles and triumphs of the average human experience. Her music reflects her spirit making her a soulful artist. Melissa’s expressive vocals envelopes lyric and melody alike, with a sincerity and warmth that holds the listener to the song.

Melissa finds joy in the ability to live her dream, to perform and express her emotions as a singer and touch other people’s hearts through music.