Gordon Free Band

Award Winning Composer and Producer

Genre: Electronica/Dance, Pop, World/Reggae

Website Email: info@gordonfree.com

Contact: Management – Ari Schaeffer at (612) 805-4503


Gordon Free's vocals blend with acoustic guitar & thought provoking lyrics. (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Electronica, Beats) Gordon Free (aka Soulfood's DJ Free) is a composer and producer who has scored soundtracks for DISNEY, IMAX, PBS, ESPN, UPN and National Geographic. He’s released 27+ CDs in Dance, Pop, Electronica, Ambient and World Music genres, won “Best IMAX Score” and charted on Billboard twice. Throughout his career he has licensed music and scored for hundreds of media outlets including film score, television score, commercials and the web. His independent and major label CD releases and film/tv scores have been heard by millions around the world.