David Wheeler Band

Genre: Rock

Website Email: dtedfordwheeler@hotmail.com

Contact: David Wheeler at (575) 421-2903


My debut CD of 13 original songs called "There's a Rhythm" is finally available at most major online retailers!  It was recorded over the course of a full year using only the best local musicians, studios, and producer.  It is Rock as in ROCK AND ROLL!!  Not metal, not rockabilly, not blues rock alt country, not hard rock, soft rock, or punk.  What's left?  What the doctor ordered: a new take on rock and roll.  Cutting edge style born of a classic rock foundation combined with inspiration from countless other genres.  

I challenge myself to create music that appeals to the broadest range of people possible while at the same time contributing new musical ideas.  I play rock the way I want to hear it.  I am turned off by formulas and trends.  My style is determined by the mood of each song.  I do not try to sound like anyone else.  While this creates a lot of diversity in my sound, to me it all comes from an affinity to rock music in all its existing and potential styles.  This is all-purpose music, intended for singing along, dancing and active listening in any combination.  If I can't be the Beatles of the 21st Century at least let me be the 21st Century Kinks!