Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes

Powerful, Emotive, Edgy Rock & Roll!

Genre: Pop, Rock

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“…takes the dullness out of adult contemporary.”
-Simon McCormack, Alibi

A veteran musician with a touring history, she opened up for the likes of Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Missing Persons and a few other “Glam” bands during the late eighties as a rhythm and lead guitarist for the regionally successful metal band “All Eyes”.  Under the auspices of All Eyes Cristen flourished as a songwriter and artist paving the way for her most recent incarnation as Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes.

Since forming their band, Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes have demonstrated a superlative talent for blending adult contemporary rock with everything from country and blues, to metal-tinged power ballads.

Their newest release entitled 10,000 Things reflects the flow of life experiences and the themes that tie us together—fear, love, joy and sorrow and how we manage to somehow draw the resiliency needed to pick ourselves up when we we’ve hit rock bottom.  Grey's smoky alto voice gives her a hard rock feel, while acoustic guitars soften the sound, taking the dullness out of adult contemporary.  Drawing from a myriad of influences, a few such as Classic Heart to Sheryl Crow, these influences are but one component of irresistible rock adult contemporary laced with the bittersweet lyrical true-grit of life experience. 

Grey and Widger are actively working on licensing songs for film and television and composing new material for various projects.  Over the past few years, many of their songs have received recognition from the New Mexico Music Awards:  Absolute and So Much Better were awarded Best Rock-Adult Contemporary Song in 2007 and 2008 respectively, also 2009 garnered a nomination for Bad Emotion under the Mainstream-Rock Category and 2010 garnered nominations for Best Pop CD for 10,000 Things and Rock Bottom under the Pop category; all of which were produced and engineered by Cristen Grey and Brian Widger.

Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes have performed over the past few years at festivals such as the Hyperactive Music Festival and most recently at one of this region’s favorite Thirsty Ear Festival (on the bill with artists such as Keb’ Mo’, Bela Fleck and Steel Pulse) and at local hotspots such as the Santa Fe Brewing Company, Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Catamount, El Paseo, Burt’s Tiki Lounge and El Rey Theatre just to name a few. Title: Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes – Bad Emotion  Title: Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes – Rock Bottom