'The Best Albums in Santa Fe 2013 - Popular Choice Award'

Chris Chickering

Original, Feel-good Rock n' Roll (Sounds like: Cat Stevens, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan & Van Morrison)

Genre: Alternative, Americana, Rock

Website Email: Info@MusicforPositiveChange.com

Contact: Chris Chickering at (505) 982-1000


Chris Chickering is a singer-songwriter whose deepest wish is for you to truly embrace and live in your greatness.

In 2013, Chris founded Music for Positive Change, a music venture whose mission is to "connect and empower people through music."

He writes and performs songs with uplifting lyrics that speak to timeless, universal truths about the human condition. He addresses themes like connection, love, acceptance and peace.

Chris is fueled by a love of music and a desire to make the world a better place to be. Chris believes that music is a powerful agent to bring people together, lift their spirits and create a brighter, more unified world.

Stylistically, Chris's music infuses folk, rock and world music in fluences with vocals that share the same fiery, organic DNA of recordings by Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and Van Morrison.

In the winter and spring of 2013, Chris co-wrote 37 songs with Grammy nominated, Emmy award-winner Greg Barnhill for Chris's 2nd studio album: "Living in the Now."

"Living In The Now" won "The Best Albums in Santa Fe 2013 - Popular Choice Award" by Hutton Broadcasting and is ranked one of the top 20 albums of the year by Transitions Radio Magazine, one of the most highly-rated, widely-listened-to specialty radio programs in New Mexico.

Digital downloads and physical CDs of Chris Chickering's music are available everywhere music is sold.

Inspiration Behind the Music:
Chris's songwriting process is inspired by a life-long fascination with consciousness. He seeks to find that which uni fies us; he searches for the deeper universal truths that lie at the root of the human condition.

Truths are often masked or disguised, because we don't know how to recognize them in the white noise of today's modern world. Chris has learned that discovery of these truths is a choice; we have to dig in and uncover them - an archaeology of the unconscious.

In the pursuit of this vision, Chris has spent many years studying psychology, hypnosis, peak performance, religious texts, and ancient myths from every corner of the world. He actively seeks out and listens to those who have wisdom to share.

Chris's music speaks to the deeper relationships we can have both with ourselves and with others, with a focus on making listeners feel good. The music asks us to believe in ourselves and in others, and reminds us that it is never too late to follow the path of our highest self.

To Get 3 FREE songs, learn more about Chris Chickering, Music for Positive Change, and our mission to connect and empower people through music, visit: www.ChrisChickering.com

"I had no problem finding lots of cuts to play off this terrific release. Chris has musical vision and has created a unique and unified album."
- Ira Gordon, Program Director, 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe, NM

"Living In The Now offers listeners in music and songwriting what sages and mystics were carving in stone and have been writing about for eons; essential messages of awakening. Chris is tuned into what we need now, with universal lyrics of empowerment, backed by a studio band that is powerful and tight in all of the compositions."
- Alan Hutner, Host and Co-producer of Transitions Radio Magazine

"Chris Chickering's music can change your life in so many positive ways."
- Bob Proctor, Best-selling Author and Star of The Secret


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisChickering