Anthony Leon & The Chain

Headbangin’, Two-Steppin’ Alt Country

Genre: Alternative, Americana, Country

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Contact: Anthony Leon at (505) 920-4733


Once a generation an artist comes along that defies description; one that breaks all the rules; one that creates their own genre. A songwriter that wears his influences on his sleeve, and is powerful enough to mention alongside those groundbreaking music icons:  Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Keith Richards, and Tom Petty.  Anthony Leon is that and more.

Anthony discovered his talent for composing words and music as a child growing up in the mountains of Virginia. At the age of thirteen, he made the trip to Sun Studios in Memphis, where he recorded his first original piece, “Granddaddy’s Guitar” – which he still plays today. In fact, he’s been performing live since the age of fifteen, and continues to move audiences with the lyrical imagery of his songs, the power of his acoustic guitar work, and his “straight from the gut” vocals, and “straight from his heart” delivery. While watching Anthony in concert, it is not unusual to see him shed a tear while he sings songs that force their way right into your soul. He has the intensity and stage presence to stop a room in its tracks, and make an audience bask in the power, the purity, and the passion of his music.

Anthony Leon and The Chain’s songs have the ability to truly touch their listeners.  They write of love lost and found, life's rewards and regrets, and the search for truth, purpose, and meaning in what may sometimes appear to be a meaningless world. They’re not afraid to sing about sin and redemption -- about real human feelings and behavior.

Whether performing one of their own compositions, or one from one of their musical heroes, Anthony Leon and The Chain wring every last bit of emotion from each and every song during their shows. No nuance.  No subtlety.  No retreat.  No surrender.

In an era where most music is formulaic, disposable, and ordinary, Anthony Leon and The Chain is a band that brings new meaning to the word “original”. Seeing them one time will convince even the most jaded listener that they are witnessing one the best of the next generation of singer-songwriters.  Don’t miss them.