50 Watt Whale

"100% Guaranteed Real"


50 Watt Whale is a 3 piece original alternative, pop, rock, rhythm and groove band working out of Santa Fe NM.

The band known today as '50 Watt Whale' has it's origins in Minneapolis, MN. Members Mike Edwards (guitar) and Kevin Miller (bass) began playing together in 1985 under the name 'Lonesome No More': other names followed including 'Oblongata', 'Wheel' and 'Chester's Gorilla'.

After a lengthy period of individual explorations the current members converged in Santa Fe, NM with Edwards (on drums this time) and Miller reunited in the company of keyboardist Dennis Culver ('Lotus Family Band', 'Tusker', 'Big Fat Snake', 'Thufukifino') and guitarist Michael Austin ('Indras All', 'Yuponki', 'Beauty Goof', 'Arroyo Borealis').
Keyboardist Dennis Culver passed away in 2011 and is greatly missed by the band.

Today the 3 piece core of 50 Watt Whale serves as a foundation rhythm band with a steady parade of local talent sitting in at various times.