Sarah Leamy

Author Type: Fiction, Non-fiction

Website Email: info@sleam.com




"When No One's Looking makes me homesick for the simple, hardscrabble, poetic life that unfolds daily in the Ortiz Mountains of New Mexico -- and for the raw, fearless emotions and journeys of its people, as brought to life in Sarah Leamy's protagonist Joey. It's a story about the outer and inner landscapes that lead to love, to hate, and ultimately to wisdom."  Carol Carpenter, playwright 

An engagingly written novel that spans six countries and over 40 years, the story centers on an obsessive pair of lovers who cannot stay away from each other. Joey and Kat have had a messy relationship dating back to 1967.  We follow their mis-adventures from a small town in New Mexico, then to Central America, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, and back to New Mexico. Looking back over the years, Joey reminisces with best friend, Paula on what could have been, while planning a final gathering of friends and family.



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean up after a hurricane in Florida? Where those dirt roads in Colorado will taek your broken heart? How to build an adobe and strawbale home by hand? What to expect riding your motorcycle across the States with stilts strapped on the seat? How to keep your mouth shut when living at a Buddhist monastery in England? Or what to wear for your first day at Clown School?




Lucky Shot is a novel about sex, death and photography. 


Lucky has had a rough year with much loss and the accompanying anger that inevitably comes with it. Lucky leaves town one stormy night in a beat-up yellow Nissan truck, with computer, camera and clothes thrown on the front seat. Lucky drives from Santa Fe, NM, through Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and into Wisconsin, talking to the locals and taking candid shots whenever possible.

Although unsaid, these travels across the Midwest are in the hope of escaping from the troubles left behind, and Lucky finds that it’s possible to enjoy new friends, different lifestyles, and to open up once again. For Lucky this comes through taking photographs. Candid images of the people met along the way.


Lucky encounters the basic human struggles that most of us face at one time or another. Lucky even has to fully accept death, standing up for the right to die of someone who can’t speak for himself.  With the people and places Lucky comes across, we are taken on an archetypal journey of crisis, departure and return, with stories that are at times funny, engaging, touching, and heartwarming.  Projected date of publication:  August 2011. 

Sarah Leamy is English and New Mexican both and is best-known as a clown and vaudeville entertainer as she writes, performs and produces both solo shows as well as community focused festivals and cabarets. She is currently a volunteer trainee Firefighter/ EMT for Santa Fe County and makes her home in Northern New Mexico’s mountains with her dog Harold.

Random Tales (Out On The Road) is an e-book, and is available for Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader, via Amazon, amongst other websites, and is a travel memoir of Sarah’s twenties and thirties, living first in Europe and then crossing the States and Guatemala, performing, writing and working odd jobs as she explored new countries alone or with Daisy, her slightly grumpy Border Collie.