R. Douglas Clark

Author of the new novel 'American Odyssey'

Author Type: Fiction


Contact: Santa Fe Business Resources at 505.206.0921


R. Douglas Clark is a small business entrepreneur, father, baseball fan, and musician who grew up in Colorado and Oregon and     now lives on a raspberry farm in Chimayó, New Mexico. After 25 years as a Eugene, Oregon, business owner, he moved in 2002     to Chimayó, where he ran the local Boys and Girls Club before retiring a second time and shifting his main focus to fiction resulting now in his first novel, American Odyssey.

About the book:

    Discharged from the Marines after three tours in Afghanistan, Leo Lewis is on his way home—like another warrior 3,000 years ago.     And as Leo crosses the country, the challenges faced by Homer’s greatest hero confront him as well. Cyclops, Circe, Scylla,     Charybdis, and more all are waiting for him in dramatic, enchanting, frightening, and funny adventures reimagined through the lens of today’s realities.

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/16IFd7X