Maggie Macnab is a long-time New Mexican.

Maggie Macnab

Internationally award winning graphic designer and book author, educator, mother, gardner, humanistic human, and lover of the high desert and all things natural.

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Maggie Macnab is a long time New Mexican who spent her formative years in Santa Fe camping, riding horses, drawing and looking at other worlds through a microscope. She is a designer (self employed since 1981), an educator in design theory (UNM and Santa Fe University of Art and Design), and has written two design books on creative problem solving: "Decoding Design" (F+W, 2008/Best Research Book award winner; NM Book Awards/2008), and the upcoming "Design by Nature" (Peachpit Press, Oct. 2nd, 2011).

Maggie grew up primarily in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her parents, Sandy, an architect with John Gaw Meem, and Arden, a poet and writing teacher at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Her interest in nature and creativity was encouraged by her father who gave her a microscope with which to see the invisible, read her science fiction shorts as bedtime stories, taught her to observe and draw nature, and took her camping and horseback riding in the high deserts of New Mexico. She learned early on to appreciate nature in all of its many guises in beautiful and mysterious places such as Chaco Canyon, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Big Bend National Park, Puye Cliffs, and the Santa Fe River on Upper Canyon Road.

Maggie left school at sixteen with one credit outstanding towards graduation, determined not to spend another year in the public educational system, and began training in commercial art (the predecessor to design) in Albuquerque in 1973 as a production artist. She learned hands-on with hot metal and emerging computerized typesetters, printers, and ad agencies in Albuquerque and Austin. Maggie started her freelance business in Albuquerque in 1981, subsequently winning national awards and receiving recognition in national design magazines and books from 1983 forward. She raised her two children, Evan and Sommer, in the Sandia Mountains.

Maggie teaches design theory at the Digital Arts Program at the University of New Mexico/Albuquerque and for Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She is for the most part self taught and has pursued education in her own way, never looking back. Maggie lives in Santa Fe with her partner, Mark Coble, and a dozen chickens.