IBA Winner 2011

Larry Seeley

USABooks Finalist

Author Type: Fiction

Website Email: lfseeley@msn.com


Larry Seeley, author of the award-winning mystery/suspense novel, Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves (April 2010), lives twenty miles north of Santa Fe in a high desert valley bounded on the east by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and on the west by the Jemez range.

He and his wife, Katie, care for chickens, eight cats, and four dogs on their secluded rancho. Katie is active in finding foster and adoptive homes for lost and abandoned pets. Larry spends his time writing the third novel in the Jack Sloan series, Bridge of the Americas.

His experience ranges from CEO of a multi-national corporation to professional blackjack player. An army veteran, he speaks, reads and writes fluent Arabic. Among his many vocations, he considers building a Native casino in New Brunswick, Canada among the most educational.

Con artists and swindlers swarmed Native casinos in the early days, and learning to deal with them and discovering whom you could trust and who had a knife at your back gave Seeley a distinct edge in deciphering people—and a decided advantage in character creation and development.

The strength of his writing lies in his characters. Seeley’s protagonist, Jack Sloan, represents all good guys caught in bad situations. He’s tough, but fair, and takes the reader through the agonizing decisions faced by people who must choose between right and wrong, good and evil, and do what is necessary.


GRIPPING…he [Seeley] is one of those rare writers of an intriguing story that gets you involved and makes you want to travel the road of Jack Sloan. I found it hard to put down once I started, can't wait for the next in the series.

E. Scanlon, author of The Next Queen of Fairies


CHARACTER…The protagonist, Jack Sloan, is reminiscent of Jack Reacher of the Lee Child series in that he's a tough guy who's honest and fair, seeking to do the right thing in a world where people are either predator or prey.

Stephen Tremp, author of Breakthrough


GRITTY…A story set in the southwest…involves Indian Casinos and some really bad guys. Everybody shoots or kills everybody else...the women are truly tramps. If you like foul language, sexual scenes and murder on a grand scale, this book is for you.

Sara Howard, author of Apollo Engineer on the Saturn V


17 Degrees North

The second Novel in the Jack Sloan Series



17 degrees, 4 minutes North, the latitude that separates Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.  Different cities that share a soul.  Jack Sloan is caught in the crosshairs when cartel wars cross the border.

A prominent U.S. hedge fund manager is kidnapped in Juarez and murdered in New Mexico. The Mexican AFI and the F.B.I. join forces to root out the killer—and find the missing five hundred million the financier spirited out of the country.

An implacable assassin stalks his enemies, and when Feds force Jack and his wife, Darlene, to assist the authorities, they and those close to them become targets.  Memorable characters populate Jack and Darlene’s world: Carlos, the Mexican cop, F.B.I. agent, Frank Hunter, El Jefe, Juarez politician and cartel boss, Mrs. Pendleton, the financier’s bereaved wife, and Rosa Lara, his mistress and a Latina beauty.

Action never takes a break in this fast-moving, suspenseful story of murder and redemption. The dénouement has been called ‘a work of genius’ and will leave the reader stunned and wanting more.