God Loves Murder by Santa Fe poet . . .

Christopher Coleman Craig

. . . a book of magic, myth & the mutual indiscretions of living on earth.

Author Type: Fiction, Poetry

Website Email: kitlaity@gmail.com

Contact: Chris Craig at (505) 795-6421


Born in 1953 in Paris, France, he grew up in the post-WWII reconstruction of Europe.   The devastation of people & their landscape had a profounf effect on the psychology of the poet, as did the subsequent rebuilding of that devastation.  

Attended Millikin University, Southern Illinois University, Duke University, Iowa Writer's Workshop.  Studied for a year with the writer John Gardner. Worked for ten years in the Fulton Fish Market in New York City while writing on the side, flailing about in punk rock bands and performing in performance art productions.  Moved to Santa Fe in 1990.  Published "Gods Love Murder" in January 2010.  His second book, "No Exit", is done and in the editing process; should be published by the end of the year.  Poetry has been published on-line and in poetry magazines, including The Chiron Review. 

Christopher Coleman-Craig's new book of poetry, Gods Love Murder, is an exploration of the common ground found in faith, love, sex, violence and silliness. He voyages throughout the world encountering many languages and traditions. John Berryman and Dr. Seuss are his main influences, as well as, Celtic religious belief, Biblical teachings, Hebrew Scripture, The Ramones. His intense interest in today's human condition, which necessarily involves love, war, sexuality, politics, disease, children, fairies, little folk & more is what keeps me happy.