Artist in Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Glass, and More...

Thor Sigstedt

Fine and Rustic Custom Furniture of All Sorts, Photo Arts, Word Smithing, Guitar Pickin'...

Artist Type: Artisan, Digital Artist, Glass Worker, Mixed-Media, Sculptor

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Contact: Last Gallery On The Right/Linda Storm at (505) 757-6250


Thor Sigstedt was born in Colorado Springs in 1952 , was soon to realize that his family was nomadic, unique and loaded down with artists and musicians. His family moved to Santa Fe , New Mexico, first around 1950 and then his mother , Mansi Kern, divorced his father, Val Sigstedt (Sigstedt Studios, artlight) and remarried Ken Kern (author; Owner-Built Home, etc.) , moving to California near Oakhurst, experimenting living in intentional poverty and off the grid; giving Thor his early experiences with cave-for-refrigerator and hauling water at night, as a five year old, using a one-gallon glass juice jug (with the little hold for a finger, one above and one below), composting and living on the land with an old Indian  poacher  name Tom as a babysitter.

Mansi discovered that this life was too hard and left and moved to Idyllwild, Ca., where she taught music and dance and raised her 4 children in unintentional poverty in this little Andy-of-Mayberry town up in the San Jacintos above Palm Springs. She finally moved back to Santa Fe in '63, and Thor, having had about enough poverty, lived with his grandmother, Helena Johnson (artist, poet, writer, rancher and world traveler) off and on for the next 5 or 6 years. Here he learned good manners, high education, horsemanship and was exposed to art and music of all sorts

Thor graduated from high school in Colorado Springs, then moved back to Santa Fe, living in the Santa Fe River bed briefly and saved by Penny Ossorgin who brought him into that household where he helped them build an adobe Russian Orthodox chapel . Then he attended St. John's College for a year, learning Greek and Ptolemaic geometry, also working at a summer camp in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia for two summers, leading to an historic 3 month trip (before Nixon and after the ping pong diplomacy) to the People's Republic of China with a youth group, gaining a new world view and picking up some amazing experiences, gaining the Chinese nickname, Ta Shi Wa Lao Dung (he who loves manual labor).

He returned to Colorado and then back to New Mexico where he built his own house at the age of 25, using stuff from the dump and building around a trailer (featured in a book, At Home In The Sun) apprenticed and mastered the art of furniture making skills with Oliver Pijoan, then started his own custom furniture business in 1975, married, moved to Spirit Valley (15 miles SE of SF) where he raised his 3 children, a few burros and other farm critters on Adventure Trails Ranch and has been there working out of his 3,000 ft 2 shop/studio for over 30 years, eventually incorporating a bronze foundry (google Su Casa magazine, Crescent House, for pictures of his helical bronze staircase) and metal working facility there along with a full woodworking shop and complete house building capacity (Thor went to architecture school at UNM in the mid-late seventys and has since designed and/or built numerous homes and structures (see web site, and  Resume )) ,and, as of 2009, glass casting ability and is active in the Iron Tribe (cast iron) has had one-person and many other art shows of various sorts after having spent two years studying bronze foundry, iron casting and sculpture at Highlands University, Las Vegas.

Thor has an abiding interest in photography and has a sizeable portfolio of New Mexico and other still life/naturalist photo records, being featured in various professional venues for his work. Thor and Belle still live on the 40-acre farm/ranchito, wandering through this incredible landscape (like living in a beautiful oil painting) with a wonderful bosque complete with fantastic escarpment looming above, creating art, playing music of all sorts and dancing the 2-Step and waltzes at every opportunity.