Terrell Gates


Artist Type: Draughtsman, Painter

Website Email: narpon@aol.com

Contact: Terrell Gates at 505 747 6767


Terrell Gates studied on full scholarships with some truly wonderful professors at Yale University and the University of Southern California.  While at USC he studied painting and drawing with Francis De Erdely, and sculpture with Merrill Gage and Zakien.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


His interest in the Theatre and Stage Design took him to Yale University, yet again on a full scholarship. He studied Stage and Costume design with the legendary Donald Owenslager, and Frank Bevan. After three delightful years he was presented with a Master of Fine Arts degree.


He is a past member of The Scenic Artist Union, IATSE. While painting and designing scenery for all the major TV and movie studios he also designed and painted scenery for the theatre, including the San Francisco, and San Diego Opera's, as well as the Pasadena and Los Angeles Civic Light Opera's. He is represented in the collections of Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton, Joyce Howard, Lila Kedrova, Henry Miller and Vaya Saroukynoff, to name a few. Jan Baum, Frederick Warhanek, G. D. Hitchcock, Edward Myers, and Wayne Curtice, have added his works to their collections.