Fine Artist specializing in Encaustic Painting

Teena Robinson

“Art That Waxes Poetic”

Artist Type: Mixed-Media, Painter

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Contact: Teena Robinson at 505-983-6021


After attending Parson’s School of Design in New York my artistic and graphic design skills flourished while owning a graphic design business for over twenty-five years. My constant interest in art led me to attend watercolor workshops and painting classes in 1999. They reawakened my artistic drive to create unique interpretations of people, places and things.

My interest in several meaningful philanthropic efforts has inspired me to volunteer my graphic design services for non-profit organizations and donate paintings to a Lexington, KY hospital, fundraisers for Temple Beth El of South Orange County CA and locally through The Esperanza Shelter, Open Hands Open Hearts and Cornerstones Community Partnership in Santa Fe.

I have work at several local galleries, The Pyramid Gallery at the Encaustic Art Institute and The Johnsons Gallery in Madrid and have been in Group shows at the Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery, The Santa Fe Community Gallery, CCA and the Arts Alliance Gallery in Albuquerque.

My husband Dave Robinson and I have a studio, Shutter and Brush Fine Art, here in Santa Fe where we happily create our art. I give workshops in the basics of Encaustic Painting called “Art that Waxes Poetic.” I get great satisfaction sharing my love of Encaustic Painting with others.

I am also the co-director of the Santa Fe Studio Tour and have been working to make it an important art event in Santa Fe.

I strive to interpret the world around me and create a feeling, rather than a realistic representation of my subject matter. My move to Santa Fe has opened up a new exciting world of inspiration. I enjoy the adventure of life and creating. Every day something is added to my being that affects my mood, my psyche, and my state of mind. The sum total of all my parts keeps changing. I keep growing. Life is a wonderful place to be.

At present, I work in encaustics and mixed media. I enjoy the textures I can create and the play of light and luminosity that I get working with hot wax.

I find that the encaustic process gives me the ability to create at many levels. Whether it's combining collage with the painting, layering colors or carving into the piece, there is an expression of mood, movement and color that grows in each piece. Each new work has a voice of its own. I am the tool that expresses that voice.