Susan Hyndman

Mixed media; colored pencil; pen and ink

Artist Type: Mixed-Media

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Contact: Susan Hyndman at 505.466.3167


I have always been an artist. It is in the genes. I had no choice in the matter – I was creative at conception – an architect and painter/poet for parents. In what form my creativity would present itself was a mystery…..but only for a moment……
I had always drawn, doodled and colored. I painted, studied Textile design and produced a lot of semi-good poetry during a particularly challenging adolescence and young adulthood including the tumultuous ups and downs of my first love. Ah, to be young again.
During my traditional working years in California, I stretched myself too thin, struggled to make sense of my life and worked at a series of jobs that lacked creativity, demanded too much and broke the best of us. My personal relationships suffered and I risked everything to build change.
Overshadowed by an internal craving for simplicity, beauty and a calmer lifestyle, I dreamt of living in Santa Fe; a place where artists are welcome and can thrive. Be who you are. Be free. Integrate spirit with quality of life not quantity of possessions.
I am passionate about integrating colors and textures. I have always been very visual. I grew up surrounded by art, architecture, nature and music. I love the water, earth, sky and stars. A private beach on Lake Michigan was my playground. Dogs were my constant companions and my passion every day. Animals live in the moment with no regret, no worry and an innocence I cherish; Soulful beings with innate abilities to comfort and warm a human spirit. Without them, my life would feel empty.
I am inspired by great artists of the past and emerging artists I come across in daily life. I love design in all forms with a strong connection to the periods of Wiener Werkstatte, Bauhaus, Art Noveau and Art Deco. My father was an architect and my mentor. I learned about design through his creative spirit and in watching him build amazing houses that stood the test of time. He was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and shared his sense of open proportions; the link between mankind and environment and the philosophy that the nature of the site and the native materials found there should direct the design.
My art derives from a lifelong passion for fashion; culture; textiles and exploring nature. Surrender to your innermost desires to create and sustain yourself through Art.
As I draw breath, I inspire my imagination.