Contemporary Jewish Artist

Sara M Novenson

Landscapes of the Soul: New Mexico and Israel; Women of the Bible

Artist Type: Painter, Printmaker

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Contact: Sara M Novenson at 505 983-9662


Sara Novenson’s work has been exhibited extensively over the past 30 years in galleries, museums and numerous one-woman shows. In the past several years she has had solo shows in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland and Cologne, Germany. Novenson’s work has appeared on the covers of many publications worldwide, including American Psychologist.  It has been used by UNICEF and in books, calendars and magazines.  Last year“Hannah”from her Women of the Bibleseries was published in Israel. Brandeis U Press used “Rachael” as cover art on “Four Centuries of Women’s Spirituality”in 2008.

Sara works in several media; pastels, printmaking (including embossed etchings from copper plates) and mixed media. Many of her pieces are available in hand painted fine art pigment limited editions. Her pastel landscape paintings of New Mexico and Israel are done Pleinair (on site). When living and studying in Manhattan and Europe she focused and honed her skills as a printmaker for 15 years.

Her varied body of work includes a Series of the Women of the Bible, Landscapes of the Soul, New Mexico and Israel and etchings that celebrate the symbolism found in Jewish Folk art from Europe and the Middle East. Her collection of the Women of the Bible series is available in a box set form which includes not only the images, but the stories and descriptions of each of the paintings.  It is soon to be published in a traditional book form.

In 1994 she was a recipient of a grant to revive the tradition of Jewish folk art through teaching workshops nationwide. Novenson is in great demand as a speaker and lecturer on the subject of her Women of the Bible series and Jewish folk Art. She has lectured and taught in synagogues, churches, museums and organizations including Hadassah, throughout the US and Europe.