Illuminating the Mystical

Sandy Rasich

Symbolism-Rich, Mystical Art from Reclaimed Materials and Acrylic Paints

Artist Type: Painter, Recycled Art

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Contact: Sandy Rasich at (505) 471-3634


Born and raised in scenic rural Pennsylvania, Sandra developed a love of nature, travel, and painting in childhood.  By her teens she found she had a natural flair and feel for cutting hair, her first creative career. Discovering her love of the creative lifestyle inspired her to paint. At the urging of friends, she started painting elaborate custom tee shirts, which led to a popular and lucrative business.

In her early twenties, Sandra decided it was time to explore the world and its art, ancient and modern. She traveled the world extensively, spending years living in Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand, discovering the temples and beaches of Bali trekking the Himalaya, and experiencing all that the biggest cities of the world have offer. She fell in love with the Great Masters she saw on the walls of the Tate, the Louvre, the Pushkin Museum, the classics of Florence, and the Hermitage, but what really captivated and inspired her were the temples and sacred ruins in places as far flung as India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Rome, and Croatia. All of these experience have given her the artistic perspective that infuses all of her work.

Sandra’s overseas endeavors include designing, sewing, and hand painting a line of linen clothing, being a painter’s model, and studying black and white photography, developing, and printing. But she really began to bring all of these elements together when she settled among the Northwest’s big trees for a decade indulging her love of nature—hiking, kayaking, camping, and gardening.  There she started her own business designing, manufacturing, and selling a unique line of hand painted jewelry and household items.  Simultaneously she poured creative energy into the largest artwork she has ever attempted, designing and building a custom remodel of her old Seattle home, inside and out.  Always drawn to reclaimed materials, this project brought that practice to the fore.  Ever the seeker, Sandra studied armature and sculpting, silver-smithing, creative writing, and acrylic painting during this period at Pratt and the Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) and took life drawing and oil painting classes with Mary Tudor. She was a valuable participant in a large community tile mosaic installation on a school building, creating, glazing and hanging the work. In 2004 she made the jump to fine art painting on canvas, which let to a two- person show at Hour Glass Contemporary Art in Pioneer Square.

Eventually her inner sun worshiper had to be appeased and she re-settled in Santa Fe, NM, where she lives in community, dances, soaks up views of this beautiful land, and paints.  She has gained local inspiration through workshops and intuitive painting with Nina Ross and visual journaling with Lisa de St Croix.  She has created several strong series since moving here, including her Altar series, Abstract Naturescapes, Sacred Yoni Art, and her current Heart Energy collection. The artist has participated in two COCA 8X8 shows, held a very successful silent auction, and received a favorable mention in SF Reporter for her Backroad show. She also had a piece included in the Vision Shift show and the 11-11-11 event at the Railyard, and was interviewed on KBAC about her most recent series.