An outside artist breaking all the rules

Ryan Helean

Bold expressions of color and emotion upon life's canvas

Artist Type: Painter, Sculptor

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Ryan Helean is predominantly a self-taught artist, working mainly with acrylics on canvas. He has been living and creating his works of art in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last 20 years. Ryan is responsible for at least 14 one-man shows of his paintings. His paintings have sold to patrons all around the nation and the world.

Ryan and his art was deeply influenced by his first of many trips to New Zealand starting back in 1994. Since then, he has visited the South Pacific country on 4 different occasions, the last trip taking part in the Paraparaummu juried art expo in 2008. He has always held Santa Fe very close to his heart, and it has most certainly influenced his art. Although Ryan is predominantly known as a painter, he has also been sculpting glass in the last 4 years. His glasswork has been displayed in Kchisos Gallery in the Inn of Loretto. Ryan is now venturing into the world of cast glass. Ryan reports he will always be a painter and a sculptor; it’s what makes him who he is.