Santa Fe Artist

Robert Santacroce

Woven Glass Creations

Artist Type: Glass Worker

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Contact: Betsy Ehrenberg at (505) 216-6595


I grew up in New York City amongst a large Italian family reaping the fruits of a talented artistic collection of personalities.

From a very young age I enjoyed drawing, dancing and using my hands to create things. These specifically became my main focus into my adult life.

I studied Cinematography and Silk Screening at the 'School of Visual Arts' in NYC, and then later attended the 'School for the Arts of Eurythmy, Speech, Drama and Music', Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland. I have taught and performed in several countries and have always enjoyed the lively artistic process between people.

Along the way, several master artists in a variety of fields have influenced my direction and ultimately, my personal style; Botticelli, Bach, The Beatles, Arvo Part, Andy Goldsworthy, Brayshnikov, Count Bassie, Buckminster Fuller, Marya Zaturenska, and Rudolf Steiner to mention a few. It is because of their contribution that I continually evolve and remain inspired.

In the last several years I have concentrated on creating and developing my unique approach to Woven Art Glass, which artistically for me is a perfect fit with my love of movement, color and design.

I draw inspiration from the world around me.  Using light, color, and movement, he creates wonderfully textured pieces that reflect the occurances of unfolding time and space.  He hand-tints each element toi add ricj color layers to the finished weave, which deepens as it takes its final form.

"I have always been a bit jealous of a glass blower's ability to witness the unfolding of their work in one continuous process.  My destiny and inspiration have led me to a self-discovery of the techniques required for weaving glass.  A technique whose potential is still largely undiscovered.  This process requires constructing all the pieces to be woven, hand-tinting them with custom colors, very delicate assembly, and then multiple firings during which I have to wait days to see if the final result was successful to my eyes.  Most days I am exhiliarated by the results - other days I wish I was a glass blower."