Robert J. Kelly

Artist Type: Photographer

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“It has been said of Robert J. Kelly that he paints with a camera far more beautifully than most artists with a brush. Although technically of a highly realistic nature, Kelly's evocative images capture the range of artistic feeling most often attributed to the French Impressionists. From the vivid colors of a Chilean cityscape to the subtle hues of a Swiss meadow, Kelly sees subjects with a painter's sensitivity, enhanced by technologically superior photographic skills. His images are well-known for transcending the often flat, two-dimensional limitations of most photography.”

Steven Beyer, Beyer Museum of the Arts, St. Paul, MN


Robert’s abilities and gifts as an artist displayed themselves at an early age, as evidenced in his early sketches of horses, caricatures and a love of people's faces. By the time he purchased his first camera at 19, he knew it would become his life's work. Prior to gaining substantial fame and a national following for his limited edition original Cibachromes, Robert J. Kelly studied under the direction of other superb imagists. After working as a professional commercial photographer for more than 15 years, he perfected his skills studying at the Maine Photographic Workshop in Rockport, Maine. During this period, his exposure to photographic pioneers including Ted Orland, and Door County photographer Dan Anderson, both of whom were under the directorship of Ansel Adams and Cibachrome printer Bernie Meyer, was significantly impactful to his career. Kelly also assisted Hollywood photographer Gary Bernstein; and master portrait photographer Linda Lapp, who taught him "look for the quality of light first- subject second".


Traveling extensively, Kelly cultivated his sensitivity to the quality of "sweet" light. His images of Maine's rugged coastline and the stark realities of Death Valley reflect his appreciation and understanding of light as the very essence of photographic fine art. He has brought this innovative sensitivity to his Chicago portfolio commissioned by Storck USA, LP. a German owned, Chicago-based company. Mr. Richard Harshman, President/CEO of Storck recognized Robert's ability to capture light and felt Chicago would be the perfect subject.


"His photos capture the romantic, the mystical, the dramatic. They wake the special character of expansive landscapes with skill and sensitivity --- the endless horizons, the enormous skies, the immense changes in atmospheric conditions which lead to subtle shifts in color and in scale. His colors are superb and his sense of form and texture are especially effective. Light strikes the various planes, a strong foreground and back-ground are created, and his images become three dimensional. His photographic images stimulate thought, tease the imagination and even create a mood of personal reflection and meditation."

Mr. Richard Harshman, President/CEO, Storck


For archival quality, maximum clarity, color saturation and image permanence, Robert exclusively uses the Cibachrome process for his fine art photographs.  He uses the most advanced technology to preserve his images’ integrity, i.e. digital duping and Cibachrome prints, processes which complement the technology, with Cibachrome deluxe glossy photographic paper bringing rich color saturation and unparalleled dye stability as well as the longest print life of any color paper on the market. The Cibachrome process is famous for its accurate color reproduction, sharpness and the highest quality.


His wish to convey a "moment of peace", offers us an opportunity through the power of nature to rejuvenate in the spiritual sense. He suggests enjoying the images as relaxing reminders of the world around us. His artwork re-energizes the soul, removing us from social burdens.