Digital Dreamscapes art prints

Peter Ingrassia

Desert Dreams Southwest Ceramic Tiles

Artist Type: Crafts, Digital Artist

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Contact: Peter Ingrassia at (505) 660-1605


My portfolio consists of digitally altered imagery modified primarily using Photoshop art studio. The square thumbnail samples on this page are only part of my full compositions. I've been exploring this medium for the past five years and enjoy several elements greater than some previous traditional media I've worked with. Working with mostly per-existing photography, I modify, montage and blend many different elements to create a new and sometimes vastly different final image. There are too many options, tools, filters and techniques involved to describe in detail here, but each piece takes many hours to complete. The most complex to date has taken 30 hours. The final image exists in digital form only but can be printed onto archival photo paper and Giclee print on canvas. This canvas can then be stretched onto bars as a traditional painting, and hung as such. Many sizes are available, and there is no minimum order. More images are available than what is seen on my portfolio site and I can send email attachments to interested parties. I'm open to commercial application of my work and would consider custom work as well.

Also shown below are original design ceramic art tiles. Each tile is hand painted and fired by myself in my studio and can be shipped via UPS world wide. Tiles can be installed as accent tiles with others in back splashes, counter tops etc., used as trivets or hung as wall decor. See website link or email me for details and prices. 


Digital Dreamscapes - vol. 1- Abstracts

By Peter Ingrassia in Digital Dreamscapes

24 pages, published 14 JAN 2012

Portfolio of artist Peter Ingrassia, Photoshop digital manipulation imagery. Surreal, abstract landscapes of great imagination. Full page size prints that are also available on archival photo paper in varying sizes special order.