Paul Basile

the inherent juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity

Artist Type: Photographer

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Contact: Paul Basile at 505.474.02040


Paul sees images through contemporary eyes, both abstract and realistic, and tries to convey the lure 
of the simplicity, elegance, grace, and power of his subjects 
by means of evocative composition and use of light and shade, color and texture all working together.   Ever evolving, he is guided by a desire to depict the mystery and majesty of his chosen subjects often times as a metaphor for human perception with its inherent juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity.  His primary focus (pun intended) is on landscape photography because of the challenge of capturing the interplay of light, shadow, and the natural elements present in the current, fleeting moment…here now, then gone.  He finds that he also attempts to extend his personal way of being through his personal style of imaging be it called minimalist, simplistic, modernist, sensual, unassuming, or evocative.

Paul is a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists, the Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Crafts Guild, and the Santa Fe Artists Market, under whose auspices he exhibits his work here in Santa Fe.  He is also a member of Photo Laureates, the New Mexico Photographic Arts Show, and has been published in New Mexico Magazine.