‘Spirits’ of the West

Narrie Toole

Contemporary western paintings

Artist Type: Painter

Website Email: penagallery@earthlink.net

Contact: Pena Studio Gallery - June Keys at (888) 220-7362


“Narrie Toole knows two things deep in her heart and soul—ranching and painting.  In 2004 the two became one when she began to create her colorful, vibrant, and compelling paintings full time. She had always lived on a ranch or farm and she had always painted, but it was then that everything lined up, melded, and burst into an exciting new chapter for Toole.


            There is an authenticity and intimacy in the paintings that originates in her first-hand knowledge and experience of the life of a cowgirl who spent her days on a horse, on the range, and in the corral.


             The excitement of those days is captured with her loose impressionistic style, use of pure bright colors, and backgrounds that don’t carry much detail but are thoughtfully and deliberately executed to help create mood and motion.


            Cattle and horses dominate her work, but she also paints exquisite Native American portraits.


She owns and operates Estudio de la Montura and has sold her paintings to individuals and businesses nationally and internationally.”  Excerpts from the Fall 2009 Peaks & Plains Airline Magazine by writer Kay Bjork         


"Estudio de la Montura" was born in the Mimbres in southwest New Mexico. The house and studio was situated on a "saddle" of the Mimbres Mountains overlooking the Mimbres and Gallinas River valleys. I still do paintings of a good ‘jackrabbit friend’ I made there.


I now hang my brushes outside of Santa Fe, NM where the light and energy fuel my creativeness. The ‘West’ is the theme for my contemporary impressionistic paintings.  Interest in a close friend’s quest to explore her roots and my personal experiences, led me to start reading and looking at images of Native American leaders.  I was taken by the visual impression that they all displayed-dedication, integrity, strength of purpose and vision and with lots of conversation, the series concept for Faces of Our Fathers was born.  I will be presenting these individuals in a large body of work on 36”x 60” canvases.


Occasionally I throw in a mission or a landscape but my preference is always on the ‘spirit’ of the individual or animal. A thought.   An emotion.  Body language.  A circumstance. What if?  Just watch and listen...There is no difference between a person and an animal... they will tell you how they want to be portrayed.  Color is a real passion for me. I like color...I have been deemed ‘part magpie’. It is a key tool that I use to convey energy in my paintings The mysticism of the southwest influences my work more and more, certainly not always serious…the spirits are often jokesters