Contemporary figurative painter

Mark Frossard

Illustrating narratives of human diversity

Artist Type: Illustrator, Painter

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Contact: Mark Frossard at (505) 577.6725


My work is defined by the culmination of diverse characters, vibrant colors and illustrative techniques.

I am inspired by the interactions of people within the various subcultures of our world, and I strive to highlight the different perspectives from which each individual engages in these interactions.  Using a narrative approach, often through series of related works, I explore the relationships of religion, sexuality, race, age, politics, and physical surroundings as they pertain to interpersonal situations.

The characters depicted in my work exist in abstracted environments, often using iconography specific to the demographics they represent.  While I do begin with a storyline to each series, the underlying issues and universal themes represented in the work leave the narrative open to viewer interpretation.