Marc Hinkley

Exploring the human condition through color and form

Artist Type: Painter

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Contact: Marc Hinkley at (505) 424-1452


The highest aspiration of art is to express the elusive and intangible experiences of being human. We are sensate creatures and our lives are as greatly influenced by emotion as by intellect. Eliminating recognizable visual narrative in my work allows a more direct path to the primordial essence of the human condition we all share.

Through color and form an immediate emotional dialogue is initiated between the work and the viewer. A dialogue aimed at the place of our shared human experience. Eschewing conventional subject matter opens up the work to encompass both the broad concept of universality and the singular and personal narrative of the individual viewer.

Color and the light to perceive it, are phenomena unique to the world we inhabit. My recent work examines these fundamental elements. Layers of translucent color allow light to penetrate through them and reflect off a white ground beneath. The ensuing glow of color is a visual manifestation of the intent of the work, resulting in a synergy of concept and execution.

A primary responsibility of art is to surprise and challenge viewers to reconsider preconceived ideas, not to comfort them with clichés and familiar visual narratives. Nonetheless, the human aspiration for beauty must be a consideration. Thus, my work is intended to be visually alluring while serving as a mirror of sorts to awaken dormant senses and reveal new windows of perception.