Contemporary Geometric Sculpture in Bronze, Steel, and Glass

Laird Hovland

The act of making art has become a spiritual practice and meditation for me

Artist Type: Sculptor

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WORK My sculptures and water features in cast bronze or welded steel consist of simple geometric components that together form more complex organic shapes. The work speaks as artifact and talisman, resonating primal familiarity.


LIFE Born in the Far East to Christian missionary parents, I have deep spiritual influences from both Eastern and Western traditions that impact my work in profound ways. I spent my youth in Montana, currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and am influenced by the natural beauty and rhythm around me.


INSPIRATION I draw inspiration from the realms of sacred geometry and spirituality, music and science and express those influences in a contemporary art context. Elements of natural growth patterns combine with philosophy and practice of new spatialism, abstract expressionism, and minimalism. Through repetition of  the hard edged geometric shapes, evolves a natural flow and graceful movement. I seek to strike a balance and elegant interplay between positive and negative, technology and nature, and a simultaneous sense of order and chaos.


INTUITION Creative intuition as well as the physical process of creation are subjects of my work and my sculptures allow that process to reveal itself in the finished work.The biomorphic system warms the starker aesthetic of minimalism with a very human touch, and the hand of the artist is important to the finished work.


The act of making art has become a spiritual practice and meditation for me, and is intended as a tool of introspection and a mandala for the viewer.


BACKGROUND I've been an active member of the Santa Fe, New Mexico art community for many years and have an extensive sculpture foundry background. In the last twenty-five years I've worked on the sculpture of such notable and diverse artists as Bruce Nauman, Kiki Smith, Lesley Dill, Robert Graham, Frank Gehry, Daisy Youngblood, Maya Lin, Juan Munoz, Valeska Soares, Terry Allen, Allan Houser, Roxanne Swentzel, and many others. I find that the influence of other artists stimulates my growth as an artist and the experience of being involved in the creative process of others has helped hone my own artistic sensibilities and informed my sense of the creative journey.