"Sculpted Paintings " By: L. Scooter Morris

L. Scooter Morris

Original and handmade works of art

Artist Type: Artisan, Jewelry, Mixed-Media, Painter, Textile

Website Email: scooter@ecstaticsun.com

Contact: L. Scooter Morris at (505) 670-8310


L. Scooter Morris was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she received her early training. Ms. Morris studied formally at the Tyler School of Art. She continued her education in Rome, Italy and the University of Southern California.

Ms. Morris began her professional career as a jeweler in Pittsburgh and has since worked in various media including: painting, sculpture and design.

The artist’s paintings have appeared in galleries both in the United States and abroad.

The inspiration for my work emanates from that sudden creative spark that seems to come from somewhere beyond myself.  First I have a glimmer of an idea, and then a faint vision of what could be. I begin to see the possibilities of a defined image, the integration of color, light and texture, which then take form.

This image begins to manifest itself on a canvas as a three-dimensional perspective on a two dimensional surface.

Sculpted paintings, a style of work I created and trademarked over thirty years ago, has continued to evolve becoming more nuanced in revealing the unfolding story being captured on canvas.

As an artist it is my task to put that story on canvas in such a way that when the painting is completed it encourages the viewer to continue the story.