Embracing My Passion

Kathleen Eaton

To Create Beauty

Artist Type: Painter

Website Email: kay.eaton@gmail.com


Kathleen (Kay) Eaton is a portrait, figurative, landscape, and still life artist, working mainly in oils on linen, canvas, and board. Her work is a combination of realism and impressionism, and she prefers to work from life whenever possible. She is a former graphic designer and a published author of quilt books and craft patterns, with national exposure.  In recent years Eaton has studied with Daniel Gerhartz, Everett Raymond Kinstler, C.W. Mundy, Nancy Guzik, Rose Frantzen, James Hempel and Andrew Orr. She has embraced the gift she have been blessed with as a professional fine artist and looks forward to painting every day. Each session is an opportunity to grow as an artist.