Continuing a family tradition

Jon A. Lucero

9th Generation Córdova Santero

Artist Type: Artisan, Sculptor

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Born and raised in the high desert of Santa Fe New Mexico, Jon comes from a family rich in history and culture dating back to the 1800’s. Jon Lucero, great, great, great grandson of José Dolores López, great, great nephew of George López, great nephew of Eluid “Levi” Martinez, related to Gloria López, Sabinita López-Ortiz and nephew of José Floyd Lucero “The Cosmic Rocker”, all renowned wood carvers, “Master-Santeros/Santeras”.

The López family is well known for their Córdova style woodcarvings and unpainted-bultos “santos”, unique to northern New Mexicoin the town of Córdova. They are known as the Image Makers and written about in “The Wood Carvers of Córdova, New Mexico: Social Dimensions of an Artistic “Revival” by Charles L. Briggs.

Jon is a 9th generation santero that follows the same creative and preparation process as his elders.

Wood carving in the Córdova style is more than art to Jon. The art is family, it is legacy, the ability to transform wood, to be creative and simply share the story of a family of artist from Northern New Mexico.  Jon developed an understanding of the art and the family tradition at an early age, participating in the annual Santa Fe Spanish Market from 1985-1988. Jon took a break from the Spanish Market and the traditional art form only to return in 2011.

This would lead to having the passion and drive to be creative as a key element of Jon’s life.