Artist and Art Teacher

John St. Peter

Painter and Draughtsman

Artist Type: Draughtsman, Painter

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Contact: John St. Peter at (505) 603-9150


My philosophy in painting is to try everything within the parameters of painting, whether it is abstract, realist, a construction, or political art.  I explore every idea that I think of to see where it might take me.  I believe this feeds my art language in developing an ever changing process. It is essential to my growing in art, to be aware of when an idea is no longer necessary to continue, and to move onto to something else.  If there is a place I haven’t visited in relation to my painting, I have to go there, like a tourist, only to see, to get a sense, and to move on when that place is completely understood. 

I follow an order in the process of building the painting that is borrowed from the past, start lean and build to fat, using turpentine the first layer, followed by mediums. Knowing how to start a painting and what to do next with each level, much like the stacking of plates brings me closer to the physicality, value and its color relationships.  I use transparent earth tones initially, than work towards opacity and richer color.  

I learned at a very young age that art is freedom.   I know now that this freedom combined with strong knowledge and utilization of the foundations, are the keys to finding my voice in painting.

I am a working artist with a diverse background that includes a broad-based exposure to some of the most important works of art in the world.

I have an MFA in Painting, and I have created, as well as developed, many works of art to engage and challenge the viewer.

I have displayed my art both nationally and internationally. I have also held studios in New York City, Buenos Aires, and presently here in Santa Fe, NM.

As an artist and as a teacher I am committed to the latest developments in contemporary issues of theory and aesthetics related to painting and drawing. I encourage dialogue, inquiry, and experimentation, in addition to the acquisition of specific techniques and tools, to develop a solid skills base.