Sculpture by Jodee, Native American, Abstract, & Garden sculpture

Jody Lentz

One-of-a-kind clay sculpture

Artist Type: Sculptor


Contact: Jody Lentz at (505) 204-8093


Prior to February of 2010 I had never touched clay  My interest began quite by accident.  I bought some polymer clay, why? I'm not sure.  I was retired and looking for a creative outlet.  Much to my surprise the figures I made were fun and interesting.  While searching techniques online I happened upon Santa Fe Clay's website and so began my relationship with clay.

When I work with clay I am reminded of the excitement a child feels when playing with mud.  The transformation from mud to art is pure alchemy.  The satisfaction I feel with the end result is a kind of mystical enchantment.  That the spirituality becomes contagious, when the viewer gazes upon my sculptures, is my goal.

While my interest grows and I am learning new techniques, I primarily work with sculpture clay fired to cone 5, decorated with iron oxides and underglazes to achieve a more natural earthy feel.  Additionally I may add wood stains to my fired pieces to enhance the connection with nature.  I primarily build my sculptures with coils and incorporate slab and solid construction.

My studio is named "Sculpture by Jodee" for a reason.  My legal name is spelled Jody; however, I was named after my father "Joe" and my mother "Dee".  It is in their honor that I sign my art "Jodee".