Rock Stars and Guitars…

JC Treadwell

pop western, native, cowboys, samurais & guitars.

Artist Type: Digital Artist, Painter, Printmaker

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Contact: John Treadwell at (505) 603-3314


Artist and  entrepreneur, music producer and studio owner JC Treadwell has lived in Santa Fe for 23 years, "There is no place like santa fe out there and I've been all over." John hosts the Frogville radio hour on KBAC every Thursday eve from 7-8pm showcasing local talent, fresh cuts coming out of the studio and plugs upcoming concert and music events happening around Santa Fe.

John Treadwell came to Santa Fe in 1989. Graduated from the college of Santa Fe with a BFA in studio arts in 1995. JCT's mentor was Bob "Daddy-O" Wade and he also worked as a wax chaser at Dell Weston's bronze foundry. The artist painted extensively till 2001 when he "ran out of places to make a mess" as Treadwell and other musicians began building the Frogville recording studio and record label.

Ten years later the cork came out of the bottle and JCT is back at work creating a new series of images based in Parody. What if all guns were guitars and we raised troubadours and musicians instead of warriors and killers, made Love not war.
"Growing up in Texas I was a renegade, my heroes have always been Indians…and Rock Stars, you add cool guitars and it's a perfect match..powerful and funny."

All images are available as prints on canvas (giclee) from the very large iconic pieces to very small sizes that will fit on any wall in signed and limited editions and custom background colors / textures are available by request.