Passionately, artistically, creating joy through paint and stone...

Hillary Vermont

Addressing the issue that life is good but..."Life is Better With a Dog"

Artist Type: Artisan, Painter, Printmaker

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          L I F E   I S   B E T T E R   W I T H   A   D O G

    Twenty five  years  in  a  NYC  4th floor  brownstone apartment  did not allow the good fortune of owning a dog. As an alumnus of Parsons School of Design and NYC Advertising… I moved to Santa Fe in 1996 to get a decent  night’s sleep, a parking space, a rock business and a dog.  With two dogs came a great sense of improving quality of life. I  never knew unconditional love until they taught me, or loyalty or motivation.  I work for my dogs… they send me out to work each morning  and I must bring the proceeds from the hunt back on my return!  Sales of my paintings, prints and rock art have helped me be the person my dogs think I am!  We thank you!

    Here’s more stuff we learn from dogs…. Live simply. Love a lot. Care deeply. Speak kindly.  When loved ones come home, greet  them  with affection. Never pass up an opportunity to go for a joy ride.  Take naps, stretch , play daily.  Thrive on attention and let people touch you. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do. Never hold a grudge. Drink lots of water and sit in the shade. When you’re happy, dance  and wag your entire body. Sing.  Delight in the simple joy of a walk. Never pretend to be something you are not. Be loyal. If what you want is buried, dig, dig, dig.  If someone is having a bad day, be silent and sit real close. Enjoy every moment of every day because ……………….………………….Every  Second  Counts.