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Greg Robertson

contemporary abstract designs using granite, travertine, onyx, metal & glass

Artist Type: Sculptor

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Contact: Greg Robertson at (505) 670 9965


Greg Robertson was born in Albuquerque, NM and received a BFA in Technical Theatre and Design from Eastern New Mexico University. After stage management and design work in London, Greg came to Santa Fe to work for Shakespeare in Santa Fe. During those five years, he began his sculpting career making small fountains out of recycled slab granite. Those designs led to larger water-walls, sculpted pond fountains and fine art sculpture. Today Greg designs and builds everything from small indoor table sculpture to larger than life installations.

Although the majority of the work from the past 10 years has involved granite, metal and glass, Greg has found a new passion in locally quarried travertine and onyx. This softer stone allows him to carve designs into the faces of the pieces he finds and also to shape the stone using traditional carving tools. The organic, earthy colors are naturally attractive to a southwest cliental and when the stone gets wet, it explodes with color. Most of these works have been fountains, from 1' tall to 6' tall and larger. He has designed pieces that are installed in custom made granite basins, stainless steel basins or more traditional in-ground covered ponds.

Greg's public works include installations at People's Bank in Albuquerque, the AFF Local 244 in Albuquerque, BODY of Santa Fe, The Santa Fe South Side Library (2007-2010), El Meson Restaurant and in Santa Fe's Entrada Park. He has designed several large private commissioned installations and continues to fabricate work stemming from both his own imagination and the needs and desires of his clients'. Greg currently shows available work in Santa Fe at Xanadu Gallery on the Jackalope grounds and Santa Fe Water Gardens, Lumina Gallery in Taos, Dugan's Nursery in Albuquerque and Wild Holly Version'  Gallery in Carefree, AZ.  He can usually be found at his Santa Fe Studio on Siler and Rufina.