Metaphysical Portals--Abstract Painting and Digital Prints

Gail Buono

Abstract Paintings and Digital Prints

Artist Type: Digital Artist, Painter

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Contact: Gail Buono at 505-629-6568


Gail Buono is an abstract oil painter, who is also creatively drawn to juxtaposing various photographic images in printmaking, works on paper and digital prints. Her “Kaleidoscope”series,  based on a 12-pointed star (arcs emanating from 12 equidistant points on the circle.), is comprised of  oil paintings, pastel/watercolor drawings, and digital prints. The digital prints weave Buono’s landscape photographs with imagery from the paintings.  She has been fascinated by parts of the circle (arcs, ovals, ovoids, and spirals) for many years.

The Kaleidoscope series’ pieces have a sense of being portals that open to new metaphysical worlds.  When the viewer stands before one of these large paintings, there is a feeling that one could jump into the center of the painted space. Vibrant color and light are infused with circular movement.  The largest paintings in the series, such as Blue Spin, fit within an 8, and are shaped canvases—rectangles with arc bottoms, which follow the curve of the outer circle, on which the inner arcs, drawn from the 12 points of that circle, depend.  By inverting  the arc (of the shaped canvas), it sets the stage for action, propelling the eye around the bottom of the painting, engaging the whole piece and giving the imagery momentum.  The two top corners of the rectangle reference where they contact the outer circle.

The prints combine photographs with painting imagery to form an abstract relationship, and depict dual realities inhabiting the same space/time continuum.  As fiction and reality become blurred in our present state of mind, acceptance of the spiritual/creative blends with the fact-based/scientific world, creating a new state of awareness. 


Buono received a BFA in Painting from The School of Visual Arts, in New York City.

She has received two painting fellowships from the NJ State Council on the Arts, as well as, a "Distinguished Artist Award".  She spent 15 months in Italy painting, and had a solo show in Pisa, before returning to the U.S.

Her paintings were used as sole set for two one-act plays by the Rivoli Stage Co., at the William Carlos Williams Art Center (in conjunction with a solo show),  in Rutherford, NJ, and at the Westbeth Theatre Center, in Manhattan. 

Four of her paintings were selected to tour the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Auburn University in Alabama, and the State University of New York at Potsdam, in the show, “The Enduring Presence (New York Abstraction)”.

She moved to the Santa Fe area in mid-2006, and has maintained a studio in the city since then.  Her work has been exhibited and collected throughout the NYC/NJ metro area, various U.S.states, and in Europe.