Ede Ericson Cardell

The Language of Art

Artist Type: Sculptor

Website Email: ede@languageofArt.com

Contact: Gallerie Corazon at (505) 983-3703


I spent part of my childhood in Albuquerque, NM and as a young adult moved to Santa Fe. I have since moved back and forth between central and northern New Mexico, but now find permanence, roots and home with my husband Michael in Santa Fe. I am mother to two daughters who are half blood Navajo (Dine’). These two young women bring me joy beyond measure, pride that swells my heart, hope for our collective future and a deep desire to love out loud.

I find the language of art a fundamental form of communication. My art is my dictionary, my thesaurus, my way of claiming words and giving them form.

The creative process is a natural extension of my thoughts. Words become images - become ideas - become form - become expression. Linked. Complete. This process is a way for me to speak beyond words, straight – quite literally – to the heart of the matter. Past gender, race, religion and language to the voice within us all.

Creating is my spiritual journey. This journey has taken me down many paths but I find sculpture the truest expression of my spirit and the best way to speak my truth.

My Grandfather first nurtured my love of form and of building when I was a very small girl. We would spend hours down in his basement and he literally gave me the free reign over all manner of tools and equipment. My Mama nurtured my love of drawing, painting and mothering. I never went anywhere without my art materials and my doll. My Dad gave me the gift of learning and taught me permanence. I knew from a very early age that my dream was to be a mom and an artist. That dream was always nurtured for me. I once though that was simple and easy, I know now it was quite extraordinary.

I studied Studio Art and Art History in Sweden and Scandinavia while on an exchange program in college. It was at this time that I was exposed to Vigeland’s Park in Oslo, Norway. I was suddenly face to face with figure and form that spoke to me in a language that I recognized immediately.

Through that language, I was given the great honor of being First Assistant to Sculptor, Gyuri Hollosy on Aspirations of Liberty, a 19.5’ bronze memorial of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution on permanent display in the financial district near the waterfront in Boston, MA. This solidified my desire to create works in bronze and I have done so ever since.

I came home to New Mexico and to Shidoni Foundry to learn the craft of my art. I now manage the foundry and facilitate other artists to learn the craft of their art as well. A dream come true on all accounts - mom and artist.

I was meant to speak through my hands and from my heart.


The Gift of Bronze

from Sweat
and Tears
and Heat
and Time
She yearns for the Pain
of the Transformation
yet Grieves the Change
The Words come through her Hands
as if by Magic
and Faith
is Born
in Bronze