Diane G. Rolnick

Painter, Mixed-Media Artist, Instructor

Artist Type: Digital Artist, Mixed-Media, Painter

Website Email: diane@dianerolnick.com

Contact: (505) 286-5252


Diane Rolnick was born in New York City where her art-loving grandmother took her to museums as soon as she could walk, encouraging her interest and knowledge of the arts at an early age. 
Her work develops from ideas that intermix stories and events from newspapers, personal biography, conversations, interactions, and interpretations of the world around us.  She enjoys experimenting with various media that might include, encaustic, digital, acrylic mediums/grounds, paint, pastels, spray paint, and ink.
Diane has 2 degrees from Rhode Island School of Design, a BFA in Painting and a Masters in Art Teaching.  She lived in Italy for 2 years and later Boston, Philadelphia and the New York City metropolitan area before moving to New Mexico 17 years ago. Diane has shown her work extensively in the United States and is in private and corporate collections in the US, Europe, and Asia. Her more recent shows include The New Mexico Showcase at 516 Gallery in Albuquerque, and Zane Bennett Gallery in Santa Fe. Other venues have included:  New Concept Gallery; The Wiford Gallery; The Governors Gallery; The Santa Fe Community College Gallery.  In September 2009 Diane’s encaustics were shown in "Pure Paint II" at the Henry Gregg Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.
As an instructor, Diane is passionate about talking and teaching how to engage with the process of art.  Balancing freedom and control of the mediums and elements of art with personal and intuitive knowledge is the center of her teaching methodology. She currently lives in the East Mountains outside of Albuquerque, NM with her horse, Ziggy Starman; goats Finian, Rainbow, Abbakiss, and Cloud; and Rooe and Cooper, her dogs. Please visit her blog “Abbakiss and the Artist”, about living in the East Mountains of New Mexico as an artist with her animal family http://dgrolnick.blogspot.com and her animal art website at http://animalartdianerolnick.com.
Artist Statement

I love the inquiry and exploration of finding a "suitable" world for my ideas. As an artist and explorer, my passions and interests are automatically translated into a new arena as I interact and translate the external world as it collides with the personal.   Included in my investigation are bits and pieces of human story.  Investing more time with computer and digital imagery in combination with acrylic mediums/grounds, pigment, spray paint and other media have allowed my ideas to wander into new venues with infinite possibilities.
Digital Deluge
My most recent explorations have focused on photo image taking and computer manipulation.  Collecting textures, colors, patterns, and shadows with my camera have allowed me to alter, layer, and define a space with the idea of the portrait intermingled with marks and symbols. 
Always camera-shy, the shadow self-portraits give me an anonymity and freedom to pose and be playful. My body becomes air, wall, grass or pavement as I watch my form position on a surface.  The ex-dancer can perform for the artist who manipulates the photo as a choreographer makes the dance. The shadows intrigue me as a playful distortion of form "drawn" by the angle of sun and moment in time - a duet of science and art.  As I work in Photoshop, I enter the identical work space that created my paintings, drawings, and mixed-media works.   I am home.
Marina of the Dance
Growing up as a dancer in New York City has given me a personal and vital connection to dance and movement. My fervent curiosity led me to  an obituary and series of early films of the career and life of Bolshoi dancer and teacher Marina Semyonova. Watching the dancer become the teacher {but never leave the dance} led me to a new body of mixed-media work that celebrates a life of art and teaching.  Using digital information, acrylic medium/grounds, pigment, and spray paint, I drew and re-drew form against pattern and color to mimic and excavate the body and movement of space of “Marina of the Dance”.
"Conversations" is a series that reflects memories, communications, and an ongoing dialog with myself and others. I began to focus more closely on human interactions as I observed and reacted to personal and world events. Included in my "conversations" are my exchanges and communications with my animal family.