Sculptor and Painter

David Copher

Collected world-wide

Artist Type: Mixed-Media, Painter, Sculptor

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Artist , PRCA rodeo clown,...and other fables. David Copher was raised in central Texas. This will help explain his many problems as a child and difficult temperament. On a rafting trip through the Big Bend he was kidnapped by cowboy-pirates and held against his will for ten years until he was fifteen. During his captivity he began his career as an artist with pencil and pen & ink drawings, then painting in oils, acrylic, and watercolor. His subjects, wildlife, ranch hands, and rodeo cowboys reflect his Texas upbringing, winning him numerous first place and best of show awards.

When he escaped some years ago no one believed him, least of all his family, who refused to accept that his loincloth was not an affectation, but rather, a traditional manly garment in the pirate kingdom. He was driven off from his homeland and settled in the wilds of New Mexico, surround by green chilies the size of pro baseball player contracts. Alone in the caves of this foreign land David began producing bronze sculpture in 1977. His primary subjects were North American Indians, rodeo cowboys who wondered through the Pueblos, and clowns lost from too much sun and makeup.
He participated as a rodeo bull rider, bronc rider, and clown bullfighter to earn his keep during the salad days. Today he performs around the nation as a PRCA rodeo clown and poet when not producing the art that has made him famous.

David knows he is lucky to be alive and rarely ventures near the Big Bend. He’s happy to tell stories around the campfire while he creates his version of the West with words, paint, and iron. Lat's see through David’s work. It depicts the motion of American mythology and the ruggedness of the High Plains and her inhabitants.

He has had a long carrier as an artist. He is an accomplished painter and sculptor receiving many awards. David’s works are collected and shown around the country and the world. His work has been featured in museum and one-man shows. He is known for pushing the limits of technique and style. His new works; The “Dimensional Walking” series are no exception. He has a style that is unsurpassed in creativity and a bold modern look not found in many years. This work is based on the concept of a dimensional walk through life. All of David’s paintings are a reflection of his deep personal experiences with life and art, which he feels are one in the same, giving the work depth, color, movement, and emotion.

“Dimensional walking”
The moon and its glow return each night; it’s reflected face of rippled light.
As do the shortened days of life come and go with sorted strife.
Without the living what is life?
Reflected ponds on eyes of all, may live again if they’ve the gall.
To stare at fate with glimmering eyes that tell no tells of sorted lies; that stare at death and sometimes cry tears of joy, of hurt and strife that ripple through that pond of life.
On and on the circles go in there never ending flow.
Come storm come rain come clouded nights that ripple through that pond of life.
On and on the circles go in there never ending flow.
Come storm; come rain, come clouded night that stops the waters rippled light.
Thus your soul continues flight.
On and on your soul will go; like the waters rippled flow.
Flow from tears that fall from sight from the eyes of those that fight.
Fight to live, to love, to write, to stand and stare and glare at fright.
Frightful are the ways of night; that merge again a flood of light.
Light that comes and light goes,
Like the water everlasting flows.  

David Copher