Enchanting Santa Fe Portraits

Daniel Quat

Daniel Quat, Professional Photographer, specializes in Intimate portraits capturing the beauty, strength, and loving energy of his subjects.

Artist Type: Photographer

Website Email: Daniel@danielquatphoto.com

Contact: Daniel Quat at 505-982-7474


My Life in Photography

·      For the past 10 years, I have been making portraits of all kinds of people in the Berkshires Mountains of Massachusetts and the high desert of Santa Fe, NM.  I enjoy capturing the loving relationships between couples and within families, and the individual’s divine spirit, and the expressive movements of dancers and musicians.  I help people be seen—by spending time with my subjects, I see what makes them tick, and then I translate that to an image—be it through a captured expression on their face or in their body language. This is my joy—to see their beauty and to capture it in a photograph.

·      I have also begun to offer a photography coachingservice to help people with private instruction in all aspects of photography.

·      My Life in Photography: I have had a love affair with photography for over 50 years since childhood!  During that time, I’ve shot almost every subject matter possible, from landscapes with large format, to portraits of all types, to magazine human interest stories, to annual reports in copper and coal mines and corporate board rooms, to travel photography around Europe and Bermuda, to still life catalogs and advertising, and to interior design photography for architectural magazines. I taught photography at the college level, and apprenticed with a black and white master printer, Paul Caponigro in the 70’s.

·      For twenty years I ran my own photography studio in NYC.  My work was published in  major magazines including; New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Metropolitan Home Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Interior Design Magazine. My  Client list included: Grey Advertising, BBDO, Ogilvy and Mather, Macy’s, Abraham and Strauss, Estee Lauder, Bloomingdales,  Merrill Lynch, and  Goldman Sachs.

·      I was a convention speaker at PhotoExpo in NY and LA., educating professionals about digital techniques and outputs from all the different digital print media available at the time.


Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me:

      “A Fabulous Experience!  It was a wonderful, fun experience to have Daniel photograph me and my teenagers. Daniel was professional and light humored which warmed up my two kids who were reluctantly participating. We have wonderful professional family pictures that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend Daniel Quat Photography.”  Jordan Minkin

      “Working with Daniel Quat was a delight! I asked Daniel to produce photographs for my new Nia websit. From the beginning, he had a sense of what 'look' I was going for, and he knew how to draw it out of me. I always felt comfortable working with Daniel, and was consistently impressed by his enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity. He is an artist, and settles for nothing less than fabulous! He is my Santa Fe Photographer!”  Kelle Rae Oien, Nia Black Belt Instructor. www.niaspirit.com

      “An Artist's Eye! I really enjoyed working with Daniel on this project. He moved through my studio with his camera and captured a sense of my world that really reflects me. As an artist, I like the way he notices things that most people miss.”  Lisa Smith, www.lisasmithceramics.com

         "Oh my God, that is I cannot even find the words. Your Santa Fe photographic magic has truly come through..Really kool!...Thank u thank u thank u...I love it. Wow.” Randy Miller, Nia Black Belt Instructor. www.niainkman.com

      “Daniel captured the intimacy of our relationship with creativity, love, dignity, and joy in timeless photos.”  Randy and Paul

      “My experience working with Daniel was progressive. As he and I worked through different ideas, he came to understand me as an artist, and what elements he could best evoke for the camera. His encouragement and guidance actually were tools that freed me to explore my expressivity. As our work grew interactively, both of us knew what each needed to create the best results.” Megan Reisel, movement therapist/gyrotonic instructor

      “Daniel Quat has a combination of artistry and heart. His work shows the world his unique ability to see his clients through the lens of love and passion which seems to draw out the best parts of you. I highly recommend his photography to people that want to be seen for their true essence.” Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman. www.perfectcustomers.com

      “Wow, that's pretty cool. A lot of pictures. I had forgotten that you had sound from me. It’s great. That's amazing to have a video on youtube. Thanks so much for putting this together. I put it on facebook and also my blog,. which I love.” Geoffrey Gorman, Sculptor. www.geoffreygormanart.com

      "Everyone has been raving about the photo on the poster. WE DID IT!! I have  not stopped to thank you for all the love and focus you brought to us that day. We sincerely enjoyed our experience with you and love the photos!"  Joseph and Robin Duda. www.sustainablelove.biz

    “The Stewarts: "Daniel did a terrific job working with us on business and  personal photos. He was very professional and personable, which helped us feel comfortable with him. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. We recommend him highly and have already done so several times.” Carolyn Stewart, Managing Partner, Red Mountain Energy Partners

     “Thanks so much daniel! Everything you are doing is beyond amazing. It was so amazing. I'm so happy I'm doing this, even after the first day, I feel like I've          discovered a new depth to myself. –Sophia Alba, Model