Blown Glass Art at Liquid Light Glass in Santa Fe

Cia Friedrich

vibrant and expressive pieces, forming character from every object, in this unique medium

Artist Type: Glass Worker

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Contact: Cia Friedrich at (505) 490-1797


The diversity of this body of work comes from three separate points of view. First there is a study of the object, another is akin to abstract realism, and the third is conceptual sculpture.

Cia explains  “as I work with the material creating objects, the idea is straightforward, the process creates uniqueness's and expression with in the object. Representing the power of a concept, or myth, takes a different approach there is much more time in developing the work. Revealing the spirit of a thought or feeling is yet another approach with very different ways to use glass". Her  diverse range in expression keep us wanting to see more. From the well collected  'CiaShells' series, the 'Mayan Extraction' series, to her “Encased Figures”, Cia's work is unique and thought provoking.