Charlotte Scot

Oil Painter

Artist Type: Painter

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CHARLOTTE SCOT, born in NYC, arrived in the art world by a curious route.  Her mother was in Publishing, her father: a French Naval Officer and artist. Her Grandmother had attended Pratt Art School in NYC on a scholarship. Her Grandfather was a newspaperman and writer. His people had come from the Iroquois and his love for these ancestors caused him to produce the libretto for the only opera ever written about Native Americans: WINONA.  He shared his love for the First Nations with Charlotte (Warisalo in Mohawk) who forever carries that love in her heart.

While in her 20’s Charlotte found solid success with her acrylic paintings in Southern California.  She stopped painting and for the next 20 years: wrote music for Capitol/Beechwood; was a disc jockey in Los Angeles;  did bit parts in television shows like McMillan and Wife and Love American Style; sang and acted in numerous commercials then, after returning to the East, she worked on Jimmy Carter‘s National Staff as a Press Secretary (ignoring the fact her cousin was Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger); became Director of Communications and Press Secretary for the DNC in Washington, was a consultant to the White House for Press/Media advance traveling to Venezuela with the President; worked in local television as a reporter and anchor before joining ABC news and being syndicated on its Owned and Operated stations, co-anchored a series focussing on adult literacy, Learn to Read. In the 80’s, she returned to art, exhibiting in Maine and Connecticut before moving to Canada (to avoid George Bush), she graduated from University Canada West’s Victoria College of Art,  She now paints in oil and has been in shows and galleries in both the US and Canada. In 2008 she moved to Santa Fe.