Charlie Andrijanoff

This is why I paint...

Artist Type: Painter

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I moved to Santa Fe eight years ago. In New York I studied with figurative and abstract artists at the Art Students League.  I studied realism because I thought I could do portraiture, but after trying my hand at portraits I decided to expand my approach.  Since moving to Santa Fe I have worked in seclusion to develop the kind  of abstraction I like . I wanted to work free style, expressing the immediacy and freedom of the process of painting itself. For this reason I work without plan, allowing my intuition to determine the shape and texture of my work .The spontaneousness of the process is the engine that creates the painting rather than my mind. In this approach it is not the intentional gestures  that matter but recognizing what one has spontaneously put down. This increases the significance of each mark so that the work becomes, in a sense, a meditation on the moment.

The expressive load of the work , because figuration is absent, is more a function of the uniqueness with which the medium is handled. In this sense abstraction becomes a search for originality, because to utilize the gestures and mannerisms of another artist is to attach something foreign to one's own imagery . Each painting poses this problem . How does one paint something that has never been painted before and have it resonate with an implicit meaning ?  I find that when I begin attaching external meaning or themes to my work that the work implodes. It goes through various transitions that seem to make sense as I am dictating the process, but in the end, the work cannot grow naturally till I consciously relinquish control. My paintings, in this sense, actually paint themselves, in as much as they are a reflection of me as well.

When I go into my studio to work my only intention is to unleash the power of color, shape, and line ,, something easier said than done.  But in the process I get to experience an immediacy and freedom that is nothing less than life itself.

This is why I paint and these are the feelings I hope to transmit to viewers of my work.