Cathy Scholl

Santa Fe based documentary travel photographer

Artist Type: Photographer



Traveler. Storyteller. Observer of life. Sharing my journey thru photography.

My photographic life began with eyes closed, in the meditation halls and mountain caves which initially brought me to India.

The colorful festivals, fascinating people and culture I discovered on my first India visit re-ignited my early passion for photography and have kept me returning year after year to the country I deeply love.

I've made over 15 trips to India and consider it my second home.

Additional photographic adventures have led me to Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Central America, Mexico and Europe.

In America I work for various clients in New Mexico and California. I find just as many interesting stories to photograph here in my "backyard" as I do halfway around the world.

My photographs have been exhibited in galleries throughout Southern California and the Southwest.

In addition to winning many awards, I've been selected to hang in juried exhibitions curated by leading experts in the field of photography, such as Arthur Ollman, founding director of the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.

As a photographer I strive to include my inner experience along with what I am seeing, creating images which are both personal and universal.