Cate Goedert

mixed media and photography

Artist Type: Mixed-Media, Photographer

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Contact: Cate Goedert at (505) 670-6649


A graduate of the Goodman School of Drama, Cate Goedert’s early theater training is reflected in her current work. She’s a story-teller whose paintings and photographs are moments caught in light and suspended in time. Offering a glimpse behind the curtain, they invite dialogue and an exploration of mystery and deeper meaning. Always at their center is a longing for connection.

Her work is playful and often full of humor. She moves from a place of subtext and improvisation and mines the surface for what lies beneath. She makes room for exploration

and allows inspiration and happy accident to determine the flow and direction of a her work.  Since moving to Santa Fe, her work has been featured several times in the Pasatiempo, the weekly arts magazine published by the Santa Fe New Mexican. She is a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists and the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association. Her work has been showcased in Santa Fe, Chicago, Seattle and Little Rock.